The marketplace is the everyday world, the place where we live, work and play.  Our passion and purpose is to help you leverage your life for maximum impact, thus the name Marketplace Impact.  Like most people, you probably feel the desire to do more in the world and make a difference with your life.  But how?  Where will I find the time?  How can I possibly add another thing?  The answer is not in doing more, but in fully leveraging what you already do.

So, what do you do?  Among other things, you work.  On average, we spend approximately 70% of our time in work-related activities.    You also interact with neighbors and friends, you play, you go to school, you shop, you go to sporting events, coffee shops, etc.    In addition, you spend a great deal of time online and in social media circles.    Hence, it seems wise to use your work and other involvements as platforms (in person or digital) to greatly impact the world.   Jesus said, “go make disciples of all nations….”  So, as we live, work and play, let us do so with the purpose of having eternal impact. We welcome the opportunity to help you be more intentional with your life.    Look under About to learn more about us and how we want to partner with you to increase your eternal impact.