What We Do (Mission)
The mission of MI is to inspire, equip and mobilize marketplace leaders to fully leverage their businesses, professional relationships, and influence to fulfill the Great Commission and exponentially impact the world. Read More

Why We Do What We Do (Purpose and Convictions)
Our ultimate purpose is to glorify Christ in everything we do.  We daily seek to be led by the Spirit and guided by the Scriptures.  Particular convictions include… Read More

How We Do What We Do (Strategy)
Strategy is birthed from discovering the activity and will of God. We understand the danger of planning and strategizing apart from God, but we also understand the danger in not planning. Read the Impact Insight, Are We To Plan?” for a broader view of how we seek to plan.  As we best discern what God has already done and where He is leading, we have developed the following strategy. Read More

Our Hope and Prayers (Vision)
We hope and pray for a spiritual awakening and renewal of God’s people.

We hope to contribute to the increasing network of men and women in the marketplace who are serious about advancing God’s Kingdom more than their own.

We pray for strong, healthy, capable city leaders and core groups in each community where God leads.

We pray for steady and healthy expansion, where growth doesn’t exceed leadership capacity.

We pray for the birthing of hundreds of “Marketplace Churches” and other creative expressions of the Body of Christ.  Read More

History and Leadership
God birthed Marketplace Impact from the leadership work of Jeff Wilson, and his unique blend of business and ministry background.  After graduating from the University of Alabama with a Corporate Finance degree, he worked in the banking industry for a few years. He later completed a masters in Theology and a Doctorate of Ministry from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He later served on the staffs of two churches, before planting a church in Sarasota, FL, where he served as pastor for 10 years.  In 2003, he left the church in great hands to help launch a new initiative of Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) to reach and mobilize national business leaders.  In 2006, Jeff founded Wilson Leadership Group, a leadership development firm whose mission is to develop leadership excellence in senior leaders and in organizations. Read More
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