How We Do What We Do (Strategy)

Strategy is birthed from discovering the activity and will of God. We understand the danger of planning and strategizing apart from God, but we also understand the danger in not planning. Read the Impact Insight, Are We To Plan?” for a broader view of how we seek to plan.  As we best discern what God has already done and where He is leading, we have developed the following strategy.

City Strategy

We place major emphasis on leadership, believing the character, capacity and competencies of the leader greatly affect outcomes.  We desire and expect each leader to be actively involved in making disciple makers in the marketplace.

1.  Identify, equip and train a City Leader
2.  Form a City Core Group (comprised of individuals from several local churches)
3.  Build and launch the City Impact Roundtable
4.  Launch Church Impact Roundtables

Church Strategy

Our plan is to partner with a local church for two years to help them establish a unique marketplace ministry, mobilizing all who work to use their vocation as a vehicle to advance God’s Kingdom.  We aim to train a group of 12-15 persons, mentor leaders who will sustain the ministry, and inspire a congregation to greatly impact their community and far beyond.

Phase 1

  • Start with a core group of 3-5 people.
  • Build the group and launch the Impact Roundtable (IR).
  • Provide modules that guide the IR through the process.
  • Leaders are mentored by someone from the City IR.

Phase 2

  • Form a marketplace ministry leadership team (sub-group of the IR).
  • Capture the unique vision for the church in regards to marketplace ministry.
  • Develop the strategy to mobilize the church to impact the marketplace.

Phase 3

  • Communicate to the church and mobilize the army of workplace warriors.
  • Provide inspiring examples of marketplace impact.
  • Form and launch more Impact Roundtables.
  • Assist in forming unique marketplace ministries.

Phase 4

  • Provide resources and support for sustainability.
  • Develop follow-up process for church marketplace ministries.
  • Add church to nationwide network of MI churches.
  • Encourage leadership to participate in regional and local MI conferences.