What We Do (Mission)

The mission of MI is to inspire, equip and mobilize Christ followers to fully leverage their unique platforms (where we live, work, and play) to make disciples and exponentially impact the world.

We come together through Impact Roundtables (IR) and other events to facilitate transformational conversations about impacting the world (locally and globally) with the good news of Jesus Christ.  We challenge each other to discover and develop a Kingdom Plan, God’s unique plan for how He is leading us to fulfill the Great Commission. Members of IR’s share mutual encouragement and accountability in living for God’s purposes more than their own.  We create environments where “iron sharpens iron.”  As one person shares Kingdom experiences, another person is inspired and challenged to listen to God’s direction in his/her life. Deep and lasting relationships are formed in IR’s through which new Kingdom ideas and experiences are born. We provide Impact Insights and other resources to inspire and equip individuals to be the Body of Christ as they work, play and live.  The IR’s become a “think tank” for Kingdom activity.  Check out some of the Kingdom Impact Stories.

Our logo visually communicates our mission.

mar-ket-place \noun \ˈmär-kət-ˌplās\: the center of economic exchange; the world of trade; the everyday world

im·pact | noun |ˈimˌpakt : the effect or influence of one person, thing, or action, on another.

We press our lives and ideas together in IR’s, drawing close to Christ and one another with the objective of exploding  out to the local community and to the world.  The word for church is ekklesia, meaning “called out ones.” God calls people to follow Him, and those who hear and respond are His Church.  As the Church, we “press together” to equip and encourage one another to go back into the world to have eternal impact.

The word IMPACT captures the essence of what we are about.
I –  Intentionality (we lead people to live and work with purpose, to live by design rather than by default)
MMaking Disciples (we embrace God’s strategy for reaching the world)
PPlanning (we believe each person should have a Kingdom plan)
AAccountability (we hold each other accountable to obey the commands of Christ)
CChrist (we seek to know Christ and love Him more each day)
TTraining ( we train people to share their faith and make disciples)