Encountering the Resurrected Jesus

The resurrection of Jesus Christ changed everything for the first disciples, and this transformation is perhaps best seen in the life of Simon Peter, the professional fisherman who was called by Jesus to elevate his fishing skills to a new level.

“Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.”  (Matthew 4:19)

The impulsive Peter followed Jesus with passion and zeal ALMOST all the way to the cross.  “Almost” because he stopped short when he determined that being associated with Jesus could cost him his life.  His fear of man overcame his faith in God.  Satan temporarily won the skirmish.  Jesus was crucified and placed in a tomb.  What did Peter do? He went fishing… for fish!

He was running, or hiding from God’s call on his life.  How hollow he must have felt on the inside.  Can you imagine the regret he felt, the shame he carried because he allowed fear to win?  He had to be thinking about the time when he stepped out of a boat in the midst of a storm and walked on water toward Jesus.  In that moment his faith overcame his fears.  Now fear is reigning in his life, and the devil seems to notch yet another victory in his belt.  But then….

Peter encountered the risen Lord.  Jesus showed up.  Where?  Smack in the middle of Peter’s lostness and brokenness. Read the amazing seaside account in John 21.  Jesus restored Peter’s faith, renewed his call, and rebooted his passion.

“FOLLOW ME Peter!  Stay focused on ME Peter.  Pete, remember when you were walking on the water, but then you looked at the storm?  Remember what happened Peter?  Yeah, you sank.   Remember what I said when I walked over and lifted you up?  “You of little faith.  Why do you doubt?”  (Mark 14:30)  Come on Peter, I need you to go ALL the way.”  And that’s exactly what Peter did.

Peter emerged as the leader of leaders, preaching with deep conviction and absolutely no fear of man.  He obeyed God’s call ALL the way to his own cross, yet he refused to be crucified like his Lord, choosing to be crucified upside down.

Here’s the point.  Being in the presence of the risen Lord changes everything.   Peter changed, not because he got a grip on his emotions, and not because he thought up a new strategy for living.  He changed because he was in the presence of the resurrected, living Jesus.

That’s exactly what we need today, and it’s available.  God the Father, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit are showing up in our every day experiences, just as Jesus did to Peter.  He wants to renew His call on our lives, restore our faith and reboot our passion.

Consider these Questions:

  • Are you obeying God’s call on your life?  Are you on mission and committed to go all the way, whatever it takes?
  • What is driving you, fear or faith?
  • Are you having daily encounters with the risen Lord as you saturate your mind in His Word?

Take the time to enjoy our resurrected Lord, and let Him change you.

Jeff Wilson

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