Impact Stories

Jesus often shared stories to illustrate spiritual truths and to inspire people to go apply the commands of God.  We hope the following stories will do the same for you.  These stories come from people just like you, people who are creatively using their platforms (business, interests, school, relationships, etc.) to live out the teachings of God’s Word.  We have all been called and commissioned by God to make disciples.  The way in which we do that is as different as we are.  Our hope is that you read one of these stories and think, “I could do that!”  And then you go do it.  Or perhaps you feel led to contact us or one of these people to learn more.

Please share your story with us.  You can email the story or schedule a call and simply share it by phone (contact us).  We have just started collecting stories, and we would love to share your story for two reasons:

(1) It’s a way to boast in the Lord, to magnify His great name!

(2) Your story will inspire others to use their platform to advance God’s Kingdom.

 How has God led you to ….

show His love to someone?

share the Gospel?

make disciples?