Impact at Farmlinks

“Experience”. That one word describes pivotal points in my life. Although I was raised in a Christian home, I did not have a personal relationship with Christ until I was in college. As a freshman at Auburn University, I was enjoying the college life. I (along with most other young men) noticed a beautiful girl on campus. She happened to be in one of my classes, and so I asked her out on a date. She said yes, she would go, if I would go to a meeting with her. That “experience” at a Campus Crusade for Christ meeting, led me to committing my life to Christ.

After college, I was working with my father in our fertilizer business, when we decided to use our family farm to create an “experience” for golf course superintendents to learn how to use our product. This evolved into the “Farmlinks Golf Experience,” where we purposefully use the golf experience to share our faith. From this platform, we’ve shared scripture verses, God’s love, and the gospel of Jesus Christ to our employees and customers, many of whom have come from all parts of the world. About 10 years ago, I was asked by a friend, to meet with his nephew who had a heart for the poor and neglected in an African slum. The “experience” of meeting with Micah McElveen and joining him on a trip to Kenya to witness the Vapor Sports ministry first-hand, led me to bring the Vapor Sports ministry to the Pursell Farms property and to be an active part of Vapor. Through a lifetime of experiences, God has removed the blinders in my life and has given me the call to share His love with others by providing life-changing experiences. (David Pursell)