Impact at Restoration Academy

When our church began hosting the Marketplace Impact Roundtable, I was at a point in my life where I knew my faith needed to play a more active role in my life outside of church, but I lacked a solid framework for what that looked like.  I have always had a passion for empowering and encouraging youth to really let their faith drive the first years of their adult lives, rather than letting our selfish motives and ambitions drive us as so many young people do, including myself.  I was pursuing volunteer opportunities toward that end when the Roundtable started up.  God’s timing could not have been better. The discussions held during our time together as well as developing my Kingdom Plan and hearing the Kingdom Plans of others inside and outside of our group brought so much clarity to the sketchy vision I had in my mind.  Through the development and implementation of my Kingdom Plan, I’ve seen God reconcile some family relationships and opened the door for discipleship opportunities in those relationships.  I’ve also seen work relationships deepen to a spiritual place and can see God moving in the lives of men that I work with.

I consider myself blessed to currently be facilitating a program for high school seniors at Restoration Academy in Fairfield, AL entitled the Restoration Academy Leadership Society.  We are developing our leadership ideals in the topics of government and public policy this fall and will begin doing the same concerning our careers and civic duty in the spring semester.  Every discussion begins and ends with how that topic applies to our call to make disciples of all nations. We learn that we don’t just need God to be a part of each aspect of our lives, but that He has molded our lives and our circumstances for His purposes and we must take seriously the responsibility to fulfill that purpose ‘as we go’.     (Tommy Gay)