Impact in a CPA Firm

Although I was active in a local church, serving in a variety of capacities, it wasn’t until I was challenged to truly follow Christ, that I saw the need to take the Gospel to my workplace.  I realized that I would have to “cross a border” right here at home.  My position in the marketplace allowed me to rub up against the lost, the hurt, the broken, who need “the church.”  God laid on my heart the desire to start the “Church at Warren Averett,” a gathering of those believers within my company who could come together and be challenged to live out their faith in the office.  Praying with those who were hurting.  Meeting the needs of those around them. One of the ways I was led to bring Jesus into the workplace, was to engage with Compassion International. I invited Compassion to do a presentation, to open dialog with those who were interested in humanitarian need, if not the Gospel. Over 60 people came to that presentation, and 25 children were immediately “adopted!”  Within a week 65 more were adopted!  Knowing that life change comes through action, our company sponsored 4 employees to go overseas to meet their “child.”  Some took spouses, and children.

To date, over 20 have gone to visit their child in their home setting. Through Compassion International,  myself and others at Warren Averett have sponsored  students in the Leadership Development program, allowing them to attend college.  Although I am no longer working at Warren Averett on a daily basis, lives in the office and around the world are being changed through the Church at Warren Averett.      (Jim Warren, is the Executive Director of Radical.  He is the former CEO and Managing Director for Warren, Averett CPAs in Birmingham. )