Impact in the Law Office

As atrial attorney, I meet people from every walk of life. As a believer, I view this as a great opportunity to be a witness for Christ, to share my faith, to help people in need. When people come to see me, they are in need of legal advice. At the conclusion of their proceedings, I usually share a word of faith when I sense the opportunity. I see my law practice as a platform to share the gospel whether it is with my employees, clients, or other attorneys. In our office, we are guided by the principles in the Book of Proverbs.

As the Holy Spirit leads, I point people to Christ. Following a positive outcome for one of my clients, I reminded her that without faith in God, you cannot be happy no matter how much money you have. To my employees, vendors, and clients, I often share biblical resources. I keep a box of Charles Stanley’s book, God Has a Plan for Your Life, and provide copies for clients and colleagues. I advise people in every station of life who are dealing with a myriad of issues. I believe that God has uniquely positioned me to speak the truth in love. You never know how a word of encouragement, love, or truth can help somebody in desperate need. I find that even in a law office, God can use me to impact our world and make a difference for eternity. (Scott Pryor)