Impact in the SEC

During the week, my job can be pressure-filled. On the weekends, it can be extremely pressure-filled. I am a financial planner on weekdays, and a college football referee on the weekends. Not just any college football referee, an SEC referee. Yes, the Southeastern Conference. With an average of 75 to 100 thousand fans in the stands for each game and millions watching via television or gadgets, God has positioned me on a unique platform. Not only am I a game official, I am The Referee, the guy in charge, the guy in the white hat (all others wear black) who is the leader of the entire referee unit, and the one who makes all announcements to the fans including penalties, reviews, and timeouts. I’ve been officiating for 25 years now, and I am more aware than ever about the opportunity I have to share the gospel both during the week and the weekends.

I regularly meet with clients in my business, and it’s all about “planning”, financial planning, planning for the future. While working football games, I manage a group of guys, and in order to be successful, it’s all about planning. We have a pre-game meeting, go through all duties, have the 100-minute meeting with television producers, game-day management, team representatives, and security, and plan for all possible contingencies. As a follower of Christ, it’s all about planning, God’s plan. I use my platform as the game day referee to pray with my team of officials prior to the kick-off. This coming season, I will initiate something I’ve never done before—a devotional during our pre-game meeting. Are all officials Christians? No, they are not, but I desire to be more intentional about sharing my faith and asking God to use my unique position to spread the gospel. I believe this is God’s plan for my life. (Marc Curles)