Resources to Facilitate Spiritual Growth

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How to Study the Bible

The best approach to growth is learning how to feed yourself.  These sites explain “inductive Bible Study,”  the process of studying the Bible by making observations and asking questions.


Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Inductive Bible Study Hints

Use three simple questions when studying a passage. Use study resources for questions 1 & 2.   Ask the Spirit to guide you as you answer question 3.

1.  What does it say?
2.  What does it mean?
3.  How does this apply to my life?



Devotional Books

The Greatest Coach Ever, (FCA, about John Wooden)

The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren

Facts of the Matter, Dwight Hill

Thoughts From The Diary of a Desperate Man, Walter Henrichsen

Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success Playbook (Wooden & Jay Carty)

Jesus Calling, Sarah Young




Study Resources

Systematic Theology, John Grudem

Christian Beliefs, John Grudem

Exploring the Scriptures, John Phillips

The New Testament: Its Background and Message, Thomas D. Lea

Protestant Biblical Interpretation, Bernard Ramm

Jensen’s Survey of the New Testament, Irving L. Jensen

New Testament Survey, Merrill C. Tenney

A Survey of The New Testament, Robert H. Gundry

Jensen’s Survey of The Old Testament, Irving L. Jensen

Christology of the Old Testament, E.W. Hengstenberg



The Daily Study Bible Series, William Barclay

Studies in the Sermon on The Mount, D. Martyn Loyd-Jones

Harper’s NT Commentaries, The Epistle to the Romans, C.K. Barrett

Finding Meaning in the Beatitudes, John A. Redhead