Riding or Driving?

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”  John 10:27

When traveling in a car, do you prefer driving or being the passenger? Several people I know, especially “Type A” personalities like me, prefer driving because we like to be in control. The passenger role is a difficult spot. Think about your relationship with God. Are you allowing Him to drive, or have you taken over the controls? Jesus calls us to FOLLOW Him, not LEAD Him. A bumper sticker reads, “God is my co-pilot.” That’s terrible theology. God is no one’s co-pilot and He doesn’t need a co-pilot. He calls us to be active passengers. Active, meaning He desires a relationship with us, an on-going dialogue throughout the journey. Relax and enjoy the ride. Ask questions about what’s ahead and where He plans to go. It’s even ok to ask why He drives a certain way, because sometimes He seems to go too slow or take confusing turns. He likes the dialogue. By all means, don’t push Him out of the driver’s seat and take control. He will allow you to drive just long enough for you to crash the car and once again admit, He is a better driver than you.

Jesus is Lord and we must submit to Him if we are to be saved. (Romans 10:9)  It’s impossible to accept Him as your Savior and not as your Lord.  He leads, we follow.  Admittedly, none of us follow perfectly, but if your life in no way reflects the Lordship of Christ, then the Bible teaches you do not have real faith.

Take a moment right where you are, and ask yourself, “Am I driving or riding? Is He my Lord?  Am I submitting to Him?  Am I pushing my agenda ahead of God’s plan? Who is in control?

Be honest with God and place your trust in Christ alone as your Savior, and submit to Him as Lord.

Enjoy the ride!

Jeff Wilson

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