Impact Roundtables


Who We Are
Impact Roundtables are designed for men and women who desire to give our lives to the things that last forever.  We are men and women who are by no means perfect or completely mature, but we are more concerned with the things of God than the temporary things of this world.  Read More


Benefits, Deliverables and Expectations
Impact Roundtable Benefits

  • You will be sharpened, as iron sharpens iron, by a group of peers who are committed to  living for the purposes of God.
  • You will develop your Kingdom Plan, and begin implementing it.
  • You will be held accountable to apply what you know and believe.
  • You will expand your network and enjoy fellowship with other marketplace leaders.
  • You will become a disciple-maker.    Read More


Impact Roundtable Topics
A portion of each IR includes a time to discuss a topic relevant to living out faith at work.  The emphasis is placed on applying God’s teachings more than rehashing information.  Here is a sample of topics.

Chosen and Strategically Positioned                                                                                                                                                                              “Living Out God’s Call”      Read More


Kingdom Plan
A Kingdom Plan is a strategic plan that includes how God is leading you to use your platform (business, interests, neighborhood, family, school, etc.) to advance His Kingdom.  The objective is not to present a finished plan, but to share where you are at this point and what you sense God calling you to do.  No two plans are alike as God’s call is different for each of us, though His purposes and master plan remain consistent.  The only question is, “what is He calling you to do to help fulfill His plan?”  Read More