Kingdom Plan

A Kingdom Plan is a strategic plan that includes how God is leading you to use your platform (business, interests, neighborhood, family, school, etc.) to advance His Kingdom.  The objective is not to present a finished plan, but to share where you are at this point and what you sense God calling you to do. No two plans are alike as God’s call is different for each of us, though His purposes and master plan remain consistent.  The only question is, “what is He calling you to do to help fulfill His plan?”  The goal is to share enough that the others at the Impact Roundtable can think creatively with you about your plan.  Plans do not have to be complete.  You can share the building blocks for your plan and later share updates as the plan develops.   The Roundtable becomes a brainstorming session of sorts, as well as an Advisory Board.  You can share concepts and ideas as well as present activity.

Possible outline:

1.  What am I doing to maintain a fresh and deep relationship with God?

2.  How am I glorifying God in my personal relationships (family, friends)?  How am I guarding my purity?

3.  How am I showing God’s love to those with whom I work and interact?  (Luke 10: 25-37)

4.  How am I sharing God’s Word, specifically the Gospel as I go about work and life?  (1 Timothy 4: 1-5)

5.  How am I making disciples as I go about work and life?  ( 2 Tim. 2:2)  A disciple is a person who is established in the faith and then equipped to reproduce in others who repeat the process.

6.  How am I glorifying God with my resources (money and possessions)?

7.  How will I know if the plan is effective?

8.  Who is holding me accountable?

Key thoughts:  Aim to be…..

  • Spirit-led: This is God’s plan, not yours, so be careful not to direct it yourself.  Listen well to the Holy Spirit.  Don’t just do your thing and ask God to bless it, do His thing and it is blessed.
  • Intentional: Jesus came to earth for a reason, and He was able to declare at the end, “It is finished.” Don’t waste your life.
  • Obedient: That’s really the ultimate test.  Did you do what He told you to do?