Who We Are

Impact Roundtables are designed for men and women who desire to give our lives to the things that last forever.  We are men and women who are by no means perfect or completely mature, but we are more concerned with the things of God than the temporary things of this world. We are discontent with the way things are, and we desire to see change, first in ourselves and then in others.  We are fully aware of our depravity and our desperate need for God.  We desire to stand against the schemes of the devil and fight for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.  We are willing to convert from a “cruise ship mentality” to a “battleship mentality.”  We are men and women in the marketplace who wish to fully leverage our businesses, professional relationships, and influence to fulfill the Great Commission and greatly impact the world.  We understand the difference between: Intellectual belief versus real commitment, knowledge versus action, status quo versus advancement.  We are faithful men and women who are devoted to God’s Word, His Church, and His mission.   We are on this earth to reflect God’s holiness and to make His great name known to all.  In short, WE ARE HIS.